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Millions of Americans regularly experience neck and back pain. If you’re one of them, don’t wait to seek professional help. At Today’s Chiropractic Clinic, experienced chiropractor Charles Laycock, DC, offers complete care for neck and back pain. Using safe, noninvasive treatments, he can help you feel better. To make an appointment at the practice in Des Moines, Washington, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

Neck & Back Pain Q&A

What are neck and back pain?

Neck and back pain are common musculoskeletal conditions. Even though they’re often mentioned together, there are distinct differences:

Neck pain

Neck pain is any aching or general discomfort that affects your cervical spine –– the seven vertebrae above your shoulders that support your head. Common causes of neck pain include whiplash, poor posture, and muscle strains.

Back pain

Back pain is any discomfort or stiffness that affects any part of your spine. Pain can occur anywhere, but it’s especially common in the lower back. Common causes of back pain include sciatica, improper lifting, and herniated discs.

What are the symptoms of neck and back pain?

Symptoms of neck and back pain include:

  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Stiffness
  • Aching
  • Throbbing
  • Limited range of motion
  • Difficulty standing or walking
  • Difficulty turning your head from side to side

As your neck or back pain gets worse, you might also have to take time off work or adjust your daily routine significantly.

When should I see a chiropractor about neck and back pain?

Almost everyone experiences neck and back pain occasionally, but if your symptoms don’t respond to at-home treatments, like ice, rest, or over-the-counter pain medication, make an appointment at Today’s Chiropractic Clinic.

That’s especially true if your neck or back pain prevents you from working, exercising, or participating in activities you love. Following a review of your medical history, a discussion of your symptoms, and a series of in-house X-rays, Dr. Laycock can make recommendations for treatment that help you feel better.

How are neck and back pain diagnosed?

To diagnose neck and back pain, Dr. Laycock asks about your symptoms, including when they started and whether activities like standing up, working out, or lifting objects make them worse. Next, he conducts an exam, gently pressing on specific areas of your spine to pinpoint warmth or sensitivity. 

If physical observation isn’t enough to determine the cause of your neck or back pain, Dr. Laycock orders X-rays, which capture detailed images of your bones and joints. They can rule out conditions like fractures or bone spurs. 

How are neck and back pain treated?

Treatment of neck and back pain depends on the underlying cause and the severity of your symptoms. At Today’s Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Laycock uses holistic, noninvasive treatments, including:

  • Spinal correction
  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Manual therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Sports therapy

The goal of treatment is to relieve the pain, enhance your mobility, and improve your quality of life. 

If you’re suffering from neck and back pain, don’t wait to make an appointment at Today’s Chiropractic Clinic. Call the office, or use the online booking feature today.

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